Expert Fame WordPress Goldmine Lite workshop Review

Expert Fame WordPress Goldmine Lite workshop Review will give you huge opportunity as Co-founder of JVZoo E-Brian Rose launched his most awaited product on 31-5-2016. It is now live. In his letest product he is going to guide you about how to become ‘Guru’ or Expert.

Why do some marketers make a killing online,
while others struggle to get just a few sales?

E. Brian Rose knows what works
and what doesn’t work… and soon, you will too! He is going to arrange a special workshop and it will remain open for just seven days. So, here is golden opportunity for limited time.

He says most of the time the little guy is doing
the exact same things the big sellers are doing,
often with the same size lists and followers, but
the big guys are dramatically outselling the others.

The Expert Fame Workshop is for Internet marketers, authors, service providers, oranyone else who has a message to deliver and want to be highly paid for doing so.

Whether your goal is to sell infoproducts, more books, take on coaching clients, orlead masterminds… the Expert Fame Workshop is where you will learn the blueprint to make you a sought after and highly paid authority in your field.

You’ll learn how to choose your “Signature Topic” (what you’re known for), build a huge following of online fans, and sell massive amounts of products or services… just like the A-listers do!

We need to tell you, the Expert Fame Workshop is not for everybody.  This workshop is not a get rich quick scheme.  This is a hands on workshop where you will receive training and tools you need to achieve authority and monetize your new status.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd by becoming Expert Famous

blue-arrow  Build massive email lists and what is best to send to your subscribers

blue-arrow  Create content that keeps them coming back for more

blue-arrow  Quickly monetize that content with simple lessons and membership sites

blue-arrow  Become a consultant or business coach and get high paying clients

blue-arrow  Hold lucrative live events and webinars and attract hundreds of people

blue-arrow  Get attention from the media and be interviewed on radio and television

blue-arrow  And much more, including the tools you’ll need to make it all happen


What will you get?

Expert Fame is an ongoing Group Coaching atmosphere with the goal of showing members the easy way to build authority in their niche.

After entering the membership area, new members will see a set of ten lessons, bith in video and text formats.  I do not believe in fluff or wasting anybody’s time, so the lessons are short and to the point, loaded with actionable content.  Below each lesson, is where you can discuss what we’ve learned.  Each lesson becomes living, breathing and ever growing content, as new questions, comments and case studies emerge in this area.

In week two, a new set of lessons will be published.  Again, the discussions we have beneath each lesson will be ever growing.

In the third week, you will have a live Ask Me Anything session, where E.Brian Rose will be introducing a new expert that will help members further achieve authority in their niche.  First, Rose will interview the expert and then he open it up to the community to ask specific questions.  All AMA’s will be archived and able to be viewed on demand.

In week four Rose will focus on FaceBook in the exclusive Expert Fame FaceBook Group.  This is where he will dissect what other experts are doing on FaceBook and talk about what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong – what is working and what is not.

Expert fame workshop is now live and here is first look for you. Visit official link here to know more : Expert Fame WordPress Goldmine Lite workshop Review

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