Hurdles in creating Amazon affiliate review website

To build Successful Amazon affiliate review website was a dream of mine few years back. So, I tried very hard to setup such a website. Amazon Review WebsiteAt that time no software or plugin available to build Amazon affiliate review website. I decided to build manually. At first I decided which niche to concentrate, then searched profitable keywords, bought domain and hosting and stared posting the reviews. As you can see it is really hard work and time consuming, but I was ready to do that. I posted almost 15 to 20 reviews, but honestly I tell you that I was not getting results as I was expecting. I am not getting enough traffic and sells according to my hard work.

It was very hard to cope with changing price of Amazon products, upcoming new products, right reviews regularly, maintain websites freshness etc. Naturally slowly I started to focus on other ways for affiliate income and after few months I stopped updating my dream Amazon review website.

I think my story is related to everyone who tried to build Amazon affiliate review website. I don’t say there is no chance to make money creating such website. Of course there are many successful Amazon review sites, but you can clearly see the hard work behind that.

Every Software is not good

Now days there are plenty of software, plug-ins are available to build Amazon review websites, but is every software fulfill your expectation about creating review website? No. Not at all. I found that some software crating same type of content just extracting from original Amazon website. I want to ask just one question. Why people will buy from your website instead of Amazon website when your review is just copy of description of that product at Amazon? Answer is they will never buy from you. Instead they will hate your website saying copycat.

Taking all this, I had almost decided to give up the idea of creating review website, but then suddenly I found a WordPress plugin that fulfill my all expectation to create quality Amazon review site quickly. Most exciting is it creates video review site in a scratch. If you are interested click below for more information otherwise you can take all hard way I have described above. Best luck.

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