Who is Pradeep?

I am Pradeep Bhagwat from India. I lived in emerging metropolitan and historical city Aurangabad (Maharashtra state). I have a middle class family background. Due to family problems I have to start working while studying. I have done technical course so I started working in private company. That was really hard work in shifts. My duty hours were about 8 hours per day. I have to handle very heavy job-work and getting very paltry payment. I have no other way in my hands. I tell you that I am not physically suitable for company hard work. One day elder brother and great journalist Pramod suggested that I have to change my field. As suggested by him I joined to Journalism course in University. That was a turning point in my life.

Worker Becomes Journalist!

After completing journalism post graduation I started working as journalist in a small newspaper, but my problems were not ended there. Here also I have to work for 8 to 10 hours and getting paltry payment and that is also irregular. Meanwhile I got a break as a bigger Media house started publication in my city. I joined the newspaper and my economical problems solved somewhat.

Boss, meeting, planning sucks me!

As my family responsibilities increases I had start thinking about other source of income as all family depends only on me. There is one more reason why I was thinking about secondary source of income. I was working for others and for that I was getting monthly salary which was fixed. I got promotions and payment increase but only after two three-years and that also when Boss reviews my performance. I have to give more and more time to office as my designation upgrades. Meetings, planning and all other things were sucking all my energy. I was not able to give enough time to my family and my hobbies.

Work for himself, not others!

I also saw that in the world most of the rich peoples are businessmen and not the regular job worker. So, I decided to start my own business, but I had not capital investment and experience about any business. There was high risk if my business fails. At last I decided to start it on very small scale. So, I bought computer, printer and started DTP unit at my home. I was working very hard. I was going to office between 4 P.M. to 12 A.M and remaining time I utilize for DTP work. But… my friend, I was not getting enough money to meet my family needs. At the end of every month my bank balance was getting ‘Zero balance’. I also tried Multy Level Marketing (MLM) but failed as my chain didn’t grow.

Break through

I got disappointed everywhere, but one day while searching on internet I found ray of hope. I accidentally came across Internet marketing. I found that thousands of Internet marketers were making money using internet connection and a computer! Then I searched… searched information about internet marketing and learn himself. I join some online courses, bought some e-books, subscribe to thousands of Internet Gurus. Step by step I started building my own websites and slowly they became profitable. Then I build my empire of websites and…

Friends, there is no need to tell you that now I am making enough money to enjoy my life. I have spent five to six years in internet marketing and want to share my knowledge. I know that you will not believe me, because you might have seen many get rich quick schemes showing you bungalows, cars and checks of thousand dollars. I want to tell you one secret… came near me… anyone can create such fake proofs with little technical knowledge. That is why I have avoided all these foolish things. You will learn here all about internet marketing. I am here to help you.


– Pradeep Bhagwat



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